Red Fife Kernel


Our ORGANIC RED FIFE KERNEL, is a heritage red spring wheat grown on the Canadian prairies. Red Fife is a landrace wheat that has not been hybridized. When ground into a whole grain flour Red Fife is excellent as a bread flour, but can be used for all types of baking. It is well suited for the traditional artisan style. Our Red Fife Kernel is consistently a high protein, excellent quality grain – never blended!

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”I love your new product Red Fife Wheat Flour. It has a wonderful flavour when I use it for bread.  It's nice to know that I am using a grain that is organic, non GMO whole grain. ”

Alice W. Victoria, BC
April 19, 2014

”Grandma Nunweiler's Pancake Mix is the only brand my kids will eat. It makes me happy as I know they are heading out the door with a good nutritious meal to start their day.”

Darlene B, Vancouver
June 17, 2012

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