In 1910 Anton and Phillipina Nunweiler were pioneer farmers in western Canada.  ORGANIC farming was a way of life back then. The work was hard, life was simple and so was flour. It’s sad to look back and know from family stories that in early years their children were teased at school for being poor. The tell-tale sign – they had homemade WHOLE GRAIN bread in their lunch boxes. Only the wealthy kids had store bought ‘white’ bread.

Many years later, with time, came education and the realization that the flour Anton milled on the farm and the bread Phillipina baked was not only the healthiest, but the tastiest. As a grown man, their son Reinhold recognized this but was dismayed by the ‘modern’ high refining process and marketing of flour. He started a course of action, along with his wife Mary that would lead to the unique low temperature impact mill the Nunweiler’s Flour Co. brand symbolizes. Their son Ross and his wife Lana, saw a specialty niche market for this quality flour and embarked on a journey that 25 years later, the tradition continues.

Since 1988, the Nunweiler family has been milling only Canadian grown grains in their Certified ORGANIC low temperature impact mill . . . producing ORGANIC Whole Grain Flour.

Nunweiler’s Flour Co. proudly supports Canadian ORGANIC family farms.